Distinctive is an Understatement!

Distinctive is an Understatement!

Distinctive is an Understatement!

One of the greatest things about our global economy is the growth, expansion and accessibility of companies far and wide. With this has come the cooperation between companies that no longer even need to exist on the same continent. This is precisely the excitement behind Nova Distinctive Floors, which has a rewarding and successful relationship with a Swiss manufacturer of cork. This coming together of great companies had allowed both to become very successful and assist each other along the way. Who knows where one would be without the other?

Nova Distinctive Floors is part of Nova Companies, which has been in existence for 35 long years. While Nova Companies can boast about its tenure, Nova Distinctive Floors has not been around for quite as long, but was founded in 2001. The same Swiss company that supplies the cork for Nova Distinctive Floors also supplies the company its linoleum. Nova Distinctive Floors added to its business relationships when it joined up with Italy-Pedross in 2005. In this union, Nova Distinctive Floors began distributing molding for the large European company, which just celebrated an impressive 50 years in business.

As part of Nova Distinctive Floors' business model, they are proud to offer these two great products to the North American market. They seek to reach homeowners, distributors, dealers, contractors, architects and designers. In their efforts to be extremely efficient, Nova Distinctive Floors expanded and opened an Eastern distribution center in Atlanta, GA. This facility opened in January of 2006. The intent was to increase service to its Atlantic region and its Southern region clients. Nova Distinctive Floors likes to acknowledge that they differentiate themselves from their peers by their superior customer service, competitive pricing and their high quality products. For a more in depth look at the company and its products, visit www.novafloorings.com's interactive virtual showroom. Select from NovaCork Floating Floors' 28 designer patterns, including, Quadro, a geometrically eye-pleasing pattern in a warm natural hue. Through the interaction device, you can place them in any of 5 different room scenes. This of course is a great way to reduce the uncertainty of your shopping endeavors. Specifically, Nova Floating Floors are hypoallergenic, antistatic, as well as thermal & acoustic insulators, thus making them suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Furthermore, Nova Distinctive Floors recycles 100% of their manufacturing by-products.

If you are still uncertain about Nova floors, merely obtain a sample of the product and your hesitation will be wiped away. Once you have selected and installed your final product, lasting beauty can be achieved through proper on-going maintenance. First, one must understand the natural limitations of cork. Cork contains organic pigments, so just like other wood products, cork flooring can fade over time. Where possible, use drapes or other systems to protect your floor from excessive light. Another thing to consider is that wood floor systems expand and contract in response to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. By controlling the environment, maintaining an adequate temperature and maintaining relative humidity around 50%, you will minimize the visible effects of the normal contraction and expansion of your floor. To achieve this level of humidity, it may be necessary to utilize a humidifier in your home.

With regards to protection, it would be prudent to take into account some precautions. For one, to help eliminate fine particles of dirt or grit, which can act like sandpaper and will scratch any floor, vacuum or sweep as needed. Likewise, spills should be wiped up immediately. Another simple, yet highly effective step is to place mats at entrance doors and in front of the kitchen sink. Note though, avoid rubber backed or other non-ventilated mats or rugs. Furthermore, in the kitchen, use a rug in front of the stove and sink to prevent local premature wear. Throughout the rest of your home, install proper protectors under the feet of your furniture. More specifically, caster wheeled chairs should have wide casters and a protective mat should be used under office chairs. Also keep in mind that weight distribution is a key factor in preventing indentation. When maintaining your flooring, use only cleaners specified for use on pre-finished hardwood. Failure to maintain the finish could result in irreparable damage to your beautiful new addition. The longevity of the finish is entirely relative to traffic intensity and quality of floor care. When the floor starts to show a traffic pattern and signs of wear, it is time to renew the finish. For cork floors surfaced with acrylic finish, a new coat of polyurethane will make the floor look new again and prolong its lifespan.

Nova Distinctive Floors is unique in ways beyond simple explanation. To truly appreciate its fine products, one must see the company’s flooring up close and personal. Order a sample and see how one can transform his or her home.

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