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Which kind of floor do you need?

Which kind of floor do you need?

Solid or engineered wood?

Each type has its specific use and the answer depends on your lifestyle and your needs.

The solid choices can be installed on grade and above grade, but not below grade. Solids should be in a moisture-controlled environment. Solid wood strip or plank is nailed down only and requires a wood sub floor. Solid wood parquet can be glued to a variety of sub floor materials. The engineered choices consist of a multi-plied, cross-stacked backing with a veneer top layer of a selected species. These engineered floors can be installed on grade, above and below grade.

The engineered varieties are more dimensionally stable so they can be installed in areas where solid wood is not compatible due to moisture. Engineered strip, plank and parquet are glue down applications over various sub floor materials. Some engineered strip and plank can be nailed down which requires a wood sub floor. Engineered includes floating floors where the tongue and groove are glued together, but the floor is not anchored to the sub floor.

What is the difference between laminate flooring and wood flooring?

Laminate consists of synthetic backing with a high-pressure direct-press laminate surface.

Wood floors consist of wood backing with a wood wear surface or solid wood. With proper care these floors will last generations. These natural woods can be refinished, re-sanded, and re-coated to look like new.

  •  We use only premium-quality northern hardwood veneers for lasting beauty and durability. Compared with the southern hardwoods used by competitors, northern hardwoods feature a tight, smooth grain, with less color variation and mineral stain and less checking or splitting. It's simply a more beautiful floor!

  • Our engineered floors are made of solid hardwoods-not composites like some competitors use in the core or backing.

  • All our floors are engineered to exacting tolerances on machines designed exclusively for us.

  • Our floors feature a full 1/10" wear layer-the thickest veneer in 3/8" flooring; and a 1/6" wear layer in 1/2" flooring-and tough Dura Ceramic urethane finish for years of low-maintenance beauty that resists scuffing, abrasion, and scratching.

  •  Compare our warranties: a limited lifetime structural warranty and 25 year warranty on our finish. They're the best in the industry!

  • The great dimensional stability and superior flatness of our engineered floors means they can be installed right over concrete or linoleum, glued or stapled, even in a basement.

  • Our engineered hardwood flooring has the best moisture-resistance of any product available. It goes on flat and stays flat after years of use.

  • All 3/8" Engineered Flooring is shipped the day it is ordered. For 1/2" Engineered Flooring, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.