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(Not) All Created Equal

(Not) All Created Equal

Well, Fall is upon us and kids across America are heading back to school – some attending kindergarten, some starting high school, and others entering college. However, there is another university in town, and this one is at FloorMall.com. These days, learning is not confined to a classroom, or even to conventional topics. Over at FloorMall University, individuals can vastly expand their knowledge of all things flooring, including: expanded material information; material construction; material finishes; and material installation. However, even more remarkable is the company that sponsors this outpouring of information. FloorMall.com is unlike other retailers who have inappropriately decided that the less their consumers know, the better their business will be. Rather, FloorMall.com has established the University as a service to their consumers with whom they must have a deep respect.

Nevertheless, even if you are already well versed in the flooring industry and personally you find little value in the University's information, FloorMall.com should still be visited before making a purchase with any other retailer. While there is certainly a plethora of flooring dealers present on the Internet, this certainly does not mean that they are all cut from the same stone. For example, one of the most debated topics among consumer advocacy groups is concerning the authenticity of the dealer. This affects the purchaser on a long-term basis, as most manufacturers do not honor warranties on products sold by unauthorized retailers. FloorMall.com on the other hand is able to consistently deliver affordable and competitive prices while also being an authorized dealer of the products they carry. Coinciding with the authenticity debate is the question of whether or not a dealer is selling seconds or factory defects. This is often the case when a retailer has prices "too good to be true". Once again, this is not the case with FloorMall.com - all flooring materials are new from the warehouse.

After easing concerns over the quality of the product, one must inquire about its availability. At FloorMall.com, products are shipped from warehouses all over the nation allowing the company's turn around time to remain competitive even when compared to the local neighborhood store. Another common problem that consumers find when shopping online for flooring, is the inability to purchase specific flooring materials such as carpeting. Once again, FloorMall.com rises to the top with over 70 different lines of carpeting offered. On the other hand, FastFloors.com, another online flooring retailer, merely offers carpet tiles. On their web page, they have stated that the reason they do not offer conventional full floor carpeting is because it is "bulky and hard to be self installed". Obviously though, this is a decision better left up to the consumer, not one mandated by an online vendor.

Then comes the sometimes-painful experience of paying for the selected items. Seemingly everyone has had the experience of getting to the point of sale only to realize that the establishment does not except the intended method of payment. Let's say you want to use your American Express card to capitalize on their particular rewards program; well if that is the case, you better skip iFloor.com, for that particular card is not accepted. Head back over to FloorMall.com and check out with a multitude of options including PayPal and Google Checkout. Both of these options allow you the peace of mind needed to make a worry free online purchase. Or better yet, check out their financing options and retain your greenbacks a little while longer.

Folks, what it comes down to is doing your homework and thoroughly evaluating your flooring options. Remember that you are making a purchase on an item that you will be living with each day, and hopefully you will be living with it for quite some time. Make sure you receive the service and satisfaction that you deserve by doing business with FloorMall.com where you will be personally taken care of. Sure, there are plenty of places to shop, but why not be a patron of an establishment that seeks to meet the needs of all its clients. In such an effort, FloorMall.com even offers the ability for you to Place a Bid on a particular item. At this juncture, the buyer is able to recommend a sale price to the company, at which point a representative will evaluate the bid and follow this by contacting the bidder. In the event that they are unable to accept the bid, they will take the time to discuss any additional options that might better align with specific budget constraints.

In a world of faceless companies and even faceless people, it is comforting to discover anything to the contrary. Thankfully, there is nothing faceless about FloorMall.com, even though you can still shop with them in your slippers and pajamas. As if this isn't enough, name just one reason to go anywhere else – really.

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