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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the environmental impact behind the products that they purchase. With this has come the desire by individuals to reduce their environmental footprint. While people have good intentions to make more environmentally friendly purchases, it can sometimes be difficult to discern what the most environmentally friendly purchase would actually be. For example, you walk into a store with the newfound intent of purchasing "green" products, but without some helpful hints and tips, it is very hard to know which products are the least destructive on the earth and the atmosphere. In fact, sometimes what seems to be a better option turns out to be either just as destructive, or in some cases, more so. Thankfully, some industry leaders are making it easier for consumers to make "green" purchases with confidence.

FloorsUnlimited.com, a leader in the flooring industry, has launched a new section that certainly educates consumers about the environmentally friendly flooring products that are available today. The new section titled Green Flooring! gives environmentally conscientious consumers a place to launch their product search. This is extremely helpful in an industry where the end user really has no idea of the manufacturing process for the product in question. One could not be expected to complete a cost/benefit analysis without more detailed knowledge of the industry. For example, consumers may not know that bamboo and cork are as overwhelmingly environmentally friendly as they are. Additionally, the new section educates on those organizations that are actively ensuring that the products being sold as "green" really are being harvested and manufactured in a sustainable manner. It is important and comforting as a consumer to know that there are independent councils acting as watchdogs to the industry. This is not to say that the companies in question cannot be trusted to act in a responsible manner on their own accord, but rather, sometimes companies believe they are acting in accordance with a specific moral viewpoint, when in fact, misinformation may have led them astray.

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Of most importance though to the consumer that is trying to make a statement with his or her dollar is the ability to siphon out the "green" products from the mainstream "business as usual" products. In this regard, FloorsUnlimited.com has done an exceptional job at highlighting the manufacturers and products that are available to the "green" buying consumer. Better yet though, by just having a "green" section dictated, FloorsUnlimited.com is doing a great service to all. Many times people begin their product searches with a broad range of parameters, and by highlighting that "green" products are available in the flooring industry, a consumer that may not have set out to purchase a "green" product, may in the end stumble upon one just by suggestion.

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We are in a time where being an environmental steward is the admirable and responsible thing to be. However, the Average Joe has limited ability to drastically affect the environmental state of the world. On the other hand, the Average Joe can make a pretty drastic statement by supporting companies with similar values. Where we once focused solely on voting in candidates for office, we are now voting with our dollars in support of companies – companies that have a huge impact, sometimes more than the government, on the path our economy and our environment will take. Providing information on "green flooring" products is the only way to ensure that we continue to advance down the path to a better environment. Hopefully more retailers, both online and storefront, will recognize the importance of educating consumers about the "green" products and manufacturers that are worthy of our vote – our dollar vote, that is. For as long as consumers continue to demand a certain type of product, companies will continue to provide products that meet that particular need. The beneficial outcome in this instance is that the Earth will be a better and healthier place to live. A secondary benefit is that as more and more people demand and vote for "green" products, more and more companies will enter the marketplace, which we all know from economics 101 results in lower prices for the consumer. Ironically, by highlighting "green" products and encouraging their sale, companies will be bringing prices down on themselves. But, not to worry, thanks to economy of scale, profits will still be up for the taking.

At the end of the day, put your money where your mouth is. If you claim to be environmentally aware, shop that way. If you do not feel strongly one way or the other, seek out the necessary information to make an informed buying decision. Every dollar spent should be viewed as an opportunity to express your moral code. This does not mean that shopping has to be laborious, just be aware that positive change is available every time you open up that wallet.

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