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... An Eco-Friendly Standout

You've likely heard that cork is an environmentally friendly product, but may not be sure why. With this article, I'll provide a summary of the attributes that make cork green.

Cork Flooring Tile First of all, cork is a renewable resource. A renewable resource is something that can be replaced by natural processes at a rate comparable to or faster than the rate of consumption by humans. This renewability is a result of the way cork is harvested.

Cork is actually the bark from cork oak trees. Cork is harvested by stripping the bark from these trees, carefully so as to not damage them. The cork is harvested when the tree is about twenty five years old. After this, harvesting takes place every nine years, which is how long it takes the cork to re-grow. This is a process that can be continued for over a century since the average cork oak tree lives well over 150 years. This is why cork is considered a renewable resource. This harvesting process has the added benefit of increasing the amount of oxygen that each tree gives off; since it has to work to replace the bark it lost. It is true that cork is considered a green resource, but there are additional criteria cork flooring has to meet in order to be considered green and I�ll touch on some of them next.

It is well known that cork is a green resource, but possibly less talked about is the fact that cork is a great option for flooring, whether you want to go green or not. You're not sacrificing anything in the way of quality or price when you purchase cork flooring. Cork has a host of natural attributes which are only enhanced upon being made into flooring. Cork is naturally resistant to mold, moisture and termites - all things that are known to devastate hardwood flooring. Here are a few more of the natural benefits of cork.

Cork as an insulator:

This is often one of the most sought after aspects of cork, and its success as an insulator is also due to its cellular make up. Cork is made up of many air filled cells which makes it difficult for sound, moisture, and heat to move through it. This is why cork is one of the most effective types of flooring underlayment available. It is also why special cork tiles are used in soundproofing designs. In an apartment building, having cork flooring installed is a great way of preventing external noise from disturbing your family.

Cork is durability:

Cork is composed of suberin, which is a waxy substance found in plants. This gives cork a unique combination of durability and flexibility--which is why it is so often used for bottle stoppers, gasket seals and of course flooring. This means that cork flooring will recover from small dents unlike other types of flooring.

Cork is such a terrific green flooring option that I could go on even further about its advantages. I hope that you will take a look at some of the other green flooring products that we are proud to offer.

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