Ordering Unfinished Flooring Just Got Easier

FloorsUnlimited.com has just launched a new section called DIY Articles. FloorsUnlimited.com has created this website for those of you out there that like to get your hands dirty and save a bit of money in the process. Basically, unfinished flooring is flooring that is installed unfinished and finished after the installation is complete. Buying finished flooring is usually much more expensive than buying unfinished flooring. And in this time of economic downturns, this could allow homeowners a chance to remodel without completely breaking the bank.mullican unfinished flooring

Some of the key articles discuss unfinished red oak flooring, unfinished walnut flooring and unfinished maple flooring.

But there are more benefits to purchasing unfinished hardwood flooring besides just the savings. You might be able to use stains that weren’t available in pre-finished floors, applying the finish after installation creates a more uniformed and natural look, and unfinished flooring lets the homeowner construct inlays and borders.

But if you do purchase unfinished flooring someone is going to have to finish them. UnfinishedFlooring.com has been created to act as a guide for homeowners who are planning to do just that. UnfinishedFlooring.com concentrates on the different wood species of wood that unfinished flooring is available in. This is important because wood tends to vary greatly between the different species. It can vary drastically in color, from the dark red of Bloodwood to the striking straw color of Australian Cypress Flooring or even in its hardness. Ipe is so hard that specialized tools are needed to cut through it due to its tendency to dull regular woodworking instruments. Each wood species sands differently and takes stains and finishes differently and these are things that homeowners must know before they make a decision.

Going with unfinished flooring can add up to more work but what it allows is for you to create a perfect fit with between your flooring and your home, which is valuable because it’s going to become a big part of your home’s charm and character.