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Do I get a manufacturers warranty when buying online with
  • Yes, all of our manufacturers do issue warranties with their products. Why wouldn’t they? We are not only an online e-tailer but also have showrooms in the USA. There is no difference between you buying locally and buying online. Our view on this subject is simple. If a manufacturer will not honor a warranty on their product being sold on the internet then we will not feature or sell their product, PERIOD. Nobody should tell YOU, the consumer where to buy your product.
Do you ship to Canada?
  • Yes, we actually ship our products worldwide on a daily basis. We have shipped our floors from Israel to Honduras. We have orders going to Canada every single day. Take in mind that if we have to ship into Canada or outside of the USA you will be subject to your local duties and taxes. This is something you must take care of on your own.
What do I so if my product arrives damaged to my home?
  • If your products arrives to your location with some damages then there are a couple of things you MUST do. First, you must document the damages with the driver in writing. This is a simple step and the driver will assist you in the process. You must contact us immediately and notify our Shipping department. Take in mind again that most damage is superficial damage to the box and not the product itself.
How quickly will I get my floor once I order from your website?
  • The speed at which most of our orders are shipped is quite impressive. Most orders are on a truck within 24-48 hours and delivered with in 3-5 business days. We do state though that most orders are SHIPPED within 5-7 business days. Again, remember things can happen during the order process and your order MAY be delayed. This is a rare occation but does happen. Please be patient if this happens.
Should I schedule my installer once I purchase from
  • asks that you DO NOT schedule your installer until you receive your flooring products. As we stated before there is a slight margin for error and we would not want your installers waiting for your product.
What happens if nobody is here for delivery?
  • We do ask that somebody be there at your delivery location to receive your flooring products. You must sign for the delivery and verify that your entire order has been received. All major carriers will not leave your product at the door or driveway for obvious reasons. If your order is being picked up at one of our local terminals you will have 2 days to pick up your order before incurring storage fees.
Do you guarantee your customers that they will get their product before a particular date?
  • As stated before, does NOT and CANNOT guarantee a particular delivery date for any order. All delivery dates and time are subject to change without notice from our carriers. Although, this is rare that there is a delay it can occur.
How are your prices so cheap compared to local retailers?
  •’s pricing structure has YOU, the customer, in mind. Our margins are extrememely low compared to your local dealers and most of our online competitors. HOW? Easy. Our massive volume of orders to our suppliers and manufacturers allow us to pass our savings on to you the customer. In simple terms the more you buy the cheaper the price. In some cases your local retailer would spend the next 20 years trying to match the sales we do in 1 week. Again, this savings is passed onto you, our customers.
How do I know Iam going to get what I ordered and not something else?
  • Here at we do our best to make sure that what you order is what your receive. The first checks and balances is your invoice.  This helps our process greatly.  In the rare occasion an order does slip through the system and the wrong product is delivered. If this happens we ask that you contact us IMMEDIATELY at 888-319-1266 and we will resolve this immediately.
What do I do if you deliver the wrong product?
  • If the wrong product is delivered we ask that you contact us immediately at 888-319-1266
Are your products first quality flooring?
  • Yes, ALL of our product are first quality. We are an authorized online dealer/distributor and only sell first quality products. On rare occasions a manufacturer will have CABIN or second grade product and we will sell this a discount. All sales otherwise are FIRST GRADE products.
Why are some of your prices so much higher than your competitors?
  • Some of our products my seem a bit higher to you at first glance. This tends not to be the case when you add the delivery and taxes to your order with our competition. What you always want to look at is the bottom line. We are sure that when you look at the bottom line of your order we will most likely be cheaper. Do not be fooled by cash rebates or cheap delivery fees. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.
Why is the shipping so high for my 1 box order?
  • You may find that when you add one or two boxes to your shopping cart that our shipping rates do not change. The reason for this is simple. We are a volume discount website. To ship one box at a time tends to be more expensive. More insurance is purchased through our carriers to cover costs of any damages. If you feel this is still to high for your budget you may call us at 888-319-1266 and speak with a sales representative to negotiate a cheaper rate.
Do you install flooring products?

  • No, we are not installers but we do recommend thousands of our loyal installation customers for your convenience. You may find an installer in your area Flooring Installers in my area.