Mullican Prefinished Flooring and Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Mullican flooring has come far from their beginnings as an exclusively Appalachian-sourced flooring company. The company was founded in 1985 with the goal of being better than everyone else at making hardwood flooring, and today they have grown into an international powerhouse that sources materials from all over the globe, with lines of exotic woods and specialty mullican flooring

Mullican floors are made with a process is truly impressive. Instead of spot-checking the lumber, Mullican goes over every inch of it during every stage of the process. The wood is pre-dressed to the same thickness, stacked to be slow dried to prevent distortions, then ripped to remove any bend. Then, each board is kiln-dried and checked by a moisture meter.

This attention to detail is the reason Mullican Hardwood Flooring products – both solid and engineered – are considered top-tier flooring worldwide. The floors are easy to install, and their customers save considerable amounts of money on labor, waste and returns.

With the great number of American and exotic offerings, painstaking quality and environmental guarantees, a Mullican floor will improve any room.