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Our shipping process is pretty simple. Once you place your order, it is immediately sent to our shipping department. Once they receive the order they will set up what is called a BOL (Bill of Lading), this will also be emailed to you. Once your order is picked up from one of our 100+ facilities throughout the USA you will then be emailed your tracking info. This will be no different than when you purchase something from Amazon.com. Your order will be shipped to the nearest shipping terminal in your area. When this occurs the terminal will then call you and schedule a time and day for delivery.

Shipping Methods Available with Us



Estimated Delivery Time:
4-6 Business Days Delivery


Terminal/Economy Delivery means that your order goes to a shipping facility near you. An example of a shipping facility would be like a FedEx, UPS or one of 50 other carriers processing warehouses, where packages are sorted before delivery. There are tens of thousands of these locations nationwide. Once your order is received at your local terminal you will be notified by the terminal to pick up your order. You will have 4-5 days to pickup your order after being notified. Due to the discounted rate please note that some terminals could be up to 50 miles from your home. Also, due to discounted rate we will not know what terminal your order will arrive at until after order is placed as we use over 50 carriers for our deliveries. If you need an exact delivery address then we request you to use CURBSIDE/CURBSIDE PLUS shipping options. Be on the lookout for Terminal Delivery Promotions!

*NOTE - When choosing this delivery method your invoice will still show your home address for delivery!

Delivery Cost: NOT AVAILABLE

Estimated Delivery Time:
4-8 Business Days Business Delivery

For our customers who own their own business or have a business location that we can ship to. The location must be in a commercially zoned area. We apologize but home based businesses do not qualify for this type of delivery. The customer must provide the name of the business when ordering, as well as a delivery contact.

*NOTE - When choosing this delivery method your invoice will still show your home address for delivery!

Delivery Cost:$159

Estimated Delivery Time:
4-8 Business Days Curbside Plus

FREE ($3000+) | $149 (0-$1999) | $99 ($2000-$2999)

With this type of delivery the driver will lower the product via hydraulic lift gate to the curbside or driveway (where permitted). The customer is responsible for bringing the product into the house. The drivers are not permitted to bring the product into your home. This feature may not be available in your area. If you order a lift gate delivery and this service is not available in your area someone from our shipping department will contact you and you will be issued a refund for the difference between standard delivery and lift gate delivery.

*NOTE - When choosing this delivery method your invoice will still show your home address for delivery!

Delivery: FREE | $149  | $99

Shipping and Tracking Process

Estimated Delivery Time:
4-8 Business Days Accessory Shipping

Accessories are shipped free when purchased along with any flooring. Limited Shipping and Handling apply for Accessories if no flooring or other floor covering is purchased as well.

Delivery Cost:FREE

Estimated Delivery Time:
4-8 Business Days Samples Shipping


*Please Note: Times may vary due to inclement weather, holidays and unforseen circumstances. We ask that you do not schedule a date with your installer until your flooring arrives. Canceling an order due to installer dates and delays in shipping times, will incur shipping and restocking fees if product has left our facilities. In the event that your order is abandoned at a shipping warehouse you will be charged a $35 per day storage fee. After 30 days your flooring will be considered abandoned.

At FloorsUnlimited.com we strive to make the process of getting your flooring as easy for you as possible. Please keep in mind that this is a construction material type. When your order is placed our Shipping Department immediately goes to work to get your order shipped out to you as quickly as possible. Shipping times will vary depending on the availability of the product at time of order and customer proximity to the product as well as delivery type. Please see the chart below to calculate your approximate shipping time.

If you wish to expedite your shipping please contact our sales department to find out the additional fees and terms involved. Expedited shipping will be considered only on a case by case basis and is not a standard service offered.

48 Contiguous United States
See Rates and delivery types
4-8 Business Days Business Delivery (ESTIMATED)
Alaska or Hawaii
Please call our sales department for rates: 888-319-1266 or contact us through the website.
10-14 days
Please call our sales department for rates: 888-319-1266 or contact us through the website.
10-14 days
Outside the United States and Canada
Please call our sales department for rates: 888-319-1266 or contact us through the website.
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Simple Order Tracking

Within 24 hours of your order being picked up by one of our carriers our tracking department will email you with tracking information so that you can stay on top of when your product will be delivered. This will allow you to make any necessary arrangements to be available for delivery or have someone there to help. In the case of terminal deliveries this will also let you know where you can expect to pick your product up when it arrives. You can also request an update on your order by calling 888-319-1266 or emailing shipping@floorsunlimited.com.

Please allow 72 hours for order tracking. All orders are immediately placed with our vendors however it may take 24-48 hours for your order to actually ship and additional 24 hours for tracking to be made available.

Shipping Methods:

FloorsUnlimited.com reserves the right to use the most economical and safest methods to ship your product to you. We employ a vast network of 3rd party freight carriers and brokers to ensure the best rates and the best service for our customers. It is possible that the method of shipping the product to you will differ in some cases than what was discussed at the point of sale. If any decision is made on the part of our shipping department that will affect the time table of delivery you will be notified via phone.

*In the event that a delivery is scheduled and you are not present for delivery you may be charged an additional $35 per attempt made by carrier.

*Some orders may be subjected to a 250 sqft minimum depending on location of delivery address.

*In the event that our shipping Terminal is farther than 50 miles we may cancel your order or offer you a home delivery at regular pricing.

Damage & Missing Items During Transit & Order Acceptance Policy

If you notice damage or missing boxes while the carrier is on site take a picture of the damage, gather copies of the paperwork from the carrier (if possible), and accept delivery. Next, contact the appropriate customer service team at 888-319-1266. Please note on the BOL from the driver, any, and all damage. If damage is not noted the carrier may refuse all claims.

If you notice damage after delivery (concealed damage), then take pictures of the damage, and contact the appropriate customer service team listed above. Carriers only allow two (2) business days after delivery to file a freight claim, so please contact us as soon as possible.

You may also log into your account to access our return request tool. When setting up the return please select “it was damaged in shipping” as the return reason. In the description please give us as much detail as possible of the damage. Make sure to specify whether you would like a replacement item or would like to return the item for a credit.

After the return is set up, please hold the damaged product(s), along with any damaged packaging, for 30 days as the carrier may want to pick up or inspect it. If after 30 days you have not been contacted by FloorsUnlimited.com or by the carrier, you are free to dispose of the damaged product(s).

We will not be able to help with any complaints of damages, including visible or material defects, after the product has been installed or altered.

INSTALLATION CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE of flooring material, subfloor/substrate, the jobsite itself including the ambient temperature and relative humidity at the time of installation, and all impacting variables that may affect a wood floor. It is the responsibility of both the installer and owner to inspect and approve each piece of flooring prior to installation. IF THE FLOORING AS SUPPLIED WILL NOT SATISFY THE CUSTOMER IN FULL, DO NOT PROCEED TO INSTALL. The decision not to proceed should be made within the first 10% or 100 square feet of flooring opened, whichever is less. Industry standards allow a variance from grading and manufacturing tolerances of 5%. For hold harmless agreements check with legal counsel. (refer to NWFA, Ch 1, Part 1, C.).