Eat, Drink & Be Merry — For Tomorrow We Clean the Floor

As we move into Summer, thoughts of the holidays may already be looming in the back of your mind.  If there’s always a large crowd over at your house for Thanksgiving or Hannukah or Christmas and New Year’s, consider re-doing your dining room.  The floors may need replacing, and the walls repainting, and perhaps you need a new dining table.    What type of flooring is best for a dining area?  A solid and non-porous surface is easier to clean.  It could be hardwood, laminate, tiles, linoleum, or something else.  If you have no idea what you’d like then looking through a virtual catalog, such as the ones they have at, may inspire you.vinyl flooring

Some flooring is easier to install than others.  Click and lock or floating floors are the easiest.  A piece of linoleum would be okay and it’s super-easy to put down, and there isn’t any worry that it’ll look old-fashioned, these days.  That would be good for an informal dining room but if you have a more formal one as well, then hardwood flooring or stone or ceramic tiles may work better.  They can be a little harder to install but a pro could be hired as well as getting more info on the process through  Spacers should be used and there are different placement patterns for ceramic or stone tiles

Sealing the floor that’s in a dining room is crucial because of spills.  Tiles and their grout can be sealed, as well as hardwood flooringLinoleum is already sealed and vinyl flooring is as well. After you install your new dining room floor, or have it installed, get some advice on what type of cleaning products to use.   When the dining room has been refreshed you can decide on whether you want to use your old dining table and chairs, or get some new ones.   Whatever choice you make you’ll want your new floor to be showcased!  A homeowner may also want a rug (cleanable) under the dining table.  After everything is done you can work on the extra-fun part — a centerpiece.

Centerpieces can be seasonal and changed, or year round and an eclectic grouping of your favorite things.  If you have candles in your centerpiece and plan on burning them, then be aware of what’s touching their bases, as well as the fact that unscented candles need to be used around food.  Guests want to smell your good cooking and not orange blossom or another strong scent.  You can create a centerpiece from found natural objects or a few interesting flea market finds.  Don’t overpower the table and leave room for the dinner plates!  Themes around holiday time work wonderfully, but be sure that the decorations are in keeping with the rest of your house, and subdued rather than flamboyant.  For flooring tips about the rest of your house, check out the pages at

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