Cork Flooring – Not a costly purchase.

When it comes to the cost of natural wood flooring there can be some misconceptions based on preconceived ideas due to a lack of research before purchasing. Many people who have the budget would prefer to install hardwood floors or some other natural wood flooring but believe the cost is out of reach so the choice becomes mute before they even look into it. There are many discounts to be had when considering the buy cork flooringchoice of natural wood flooring for your home.

Sure, there are expensive wood floors available but if you are going for a natural wood design and are open to a variety of alternatives to the more costly types such as oak hardwood flooring than there are some options available you should consider. Bamboo is becoming popular these days and the eco friendly crowd has the advantage of Cork flooring as well as bamboo for natural wood/environmentally friendly flooring choices. Not only that but also these flooring types are considered inexpensive compared to their more ‘North American’ flooring brethren.

Cork flooring is a beautiful alternative to standard more expensive wood flooring and has many qualities the more traditional expensive flooring lack. Being moisture resistant and tough, durability is an important consideration when choosing cork floors.  More importantly for frugal tastes is that cork flooring can be had for a fraction of the price of expensive hardwood varieties without sacrificing classic beauty and elegance.

Interestingly enough, cork flooring is installed in areas of the actual Library of Congress and has been known to maintain its longevity for up to one hundred years or more which is amazing. How is that for a vote of confidence for a very well priced flooring material that has yet to reach its true value based on its past obscurity in the flooring market? When more people realize the truly amazing attributes of cork flooring the price will surely rise for this exotic and durable flooring product.

Cultivated from the cork oak trees in the western Mediterranean, the harvesting programs from cork manufacturers is regenerative and eco-friendly. Cork has insulation properties and a natural elasticity that makes it very comfortable and healthy to walk upon and suitable for soundproofing. One would think that not only is this strikingly practical flooring material expensive but difficult to install, this is far from the truth.

Cork flooring can be purchased reasonably over the Internet through both wholesalers and retailers of flooring products. Research will guarantee an educated buying decision so do your homework and get at least 3 estimates and work the seller for a great deal. The price of cork flooring will vary from Internet sources to brick and mortar retailers. Prices average anywhere between $2.00 – $5.00 per square foot. Installation is something you can attempt on your own but the money you will save over regular hardwood flooring could be put into professional installation to play it safe and ensure the job is done correctly.

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