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Common Name(s): White Ash, Ash

Botanical Name: Fraxinus Americana

Woodworking Qualities: White Ash is popular for its satisfactory woodworking characteristics all around. It machines well, sands well, accepts finishes well, and holds nails well with a resistance to splitting.

Janka Rating: White Ash’s Janka rating is 1320, just above Red Oak and just below white Oak.

Species Characteristics: The shock resistance in White Ash is a popular quality in this species, along with its relative elasticity, teamed with inherent hardness.

Appearance: White Ash’s appearance ranges from a cream colored sapwood to a light tan to dark brown heartwood. The wood can appear lustrous, with a prominent grain that sometimes holds waves.

Color Change: Over time, White Ash will alter from its usually cream colored appearance to a darker, more golden or straw colored tone.

Uses: Similar to Maple and Hickory, White Ash is durable under stress, and is used for high-stress utilities. Baseball bats, tool handles, and sports equipment rank high, along with hardwood flooring.

White Ash Origin:

White Ash comes from North America.