Common Name(s): Tallowwood, Australian Tallowwood.

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus microcorys

Woodworking Qualities: The wood working qualities of Tallowwood are exceptional. It receives chemicals well, both stain and finish, and is sawn proficiently.

Janka Rating: Tallowwood’s Janka rating is 1933.

Species Characteristics: Tallowwood has a natural resistance to decay. It takes time to dry, but shows good stability characteristics once dried. It is supposed to be greasy to the touch, and scentless.

Appearance: Sapwood of Tallowwood tends to appear whiter, while the sapwood holds a varying shade of yellow brown, ranging from lighter yellow brown to deep yellow brown.

Color Change: Tallowwood does not usually exhibit color change with exposure to light and oxygen.

Uses: General housing construction, flooring and wharves

Tallowwood Origin: