Sydney Blue Gum Hardwood Flooring

Sydney Blue Gum Flooring

Common Name(s): Sydney Blue Gum

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus saligna

Woodworking Qualities: Sydney Blue Gum is remarkably easy to machine, or to work with hand tools. It also accepts finish and sanding well, making it a nice choice for just about any application.

Janka Rating: Sydney Blue gum’s Janka rating is 2023, considerably higher than many other flooring options.

Species Characteristics: Sydney Blue Gum is hard and tough, with an exceptional stability rating in regards to moisture.

Appearance: Sydney Blue Gum’s color ranges from a softer brown in the heartwood to reddish, and a lighter, tan or light brown in the sapwood.

Color Change: Sydney Blue Gum takes a fair amount of color change from the atmosphere and exposure over time. Colors usually darken to a darker brown or red.

Uses: Furniture, shipbuilding, tool handles, bridge and wharf construction are all prime uses for Sydney Blue Gum in addition to hardwood flooring.

Sydney Blue Gum Origin:

Sydney Blue gum is native to Australia.

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