spotted gum hardwood flooring

Common Name(s): Spotted Gum

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus maculata

Woodworking Qualities: Spotted gum is worked easily by hand and power tools, and nails and glues normally. Stain, finish, and paint are received well on the wood.

Janka Rating: Spotted Gum’s Janka rating is 2473, marking it above the median range of ratings for hardwood.

Species Characteristics: Spotted gum dries easily and has a faint scent like citrus or oranges. It has a high resistance to decay. A slight greasy feel to the wood is common.

Appearance: The sapwood of Spotted Gum is usually white, white the heartwood is a light brown to deep red-brown.

Color Change: Generally, Spotted Gum resists color change by oxidation and exposure to sunlight.

Uses: Spotted Gum’s primary uses are tool handles, poles, construction, and hardwood flooring.

Spotted Gum Origin:

Spotted Gum comes from Australia.

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