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Common Name(s): Santos Mahogany

Botanical Name: Myroxylon balsamum

Woodworking Qualities: Machining and sawing can be problematic for this species, so carbide tipped tools are recommended. It does, however, sand very well and come to a nice natural polish.

Janka Rating: Santos Mahogany's hardness ranks high on the list of hardwoods at 2200, topping many other species of wood, often by considerable amount.

Species Characteristics: Santos mahogany's trademark property is its durability. The floor displays qualities of endurance against wear, and is the preferred choice over many other types of Mahogany, including Honduran. A spicy aroma is reported to come from this wood when it is freshly cut.

Appearance: Dark reddish brown heartwood sharply contrasts with white sapwood. The surface of the wood can also have a high luster, making it appealing to the eye. The texture of the wood is fine and even.

Color Change: Santos Mahogany's color change is very slight, showing a small uniformity of the color variation between different areas of a plank and between different planks.

Uses: In addition to flooring, Santos mahogany is often used for furniture, interior trim, and even as a scent in perfumes.

Santos Mahogany Origin:

Santos Mahogany is grown in South America from Argentina, north to Central America, and Southern Mexico.

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