red mahogany hardwood flooring

Common Name(s): Red Mahogany

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus resinifera

Woodworking Qualities: Working with Mahogany of this species is normal with hand or power tools. Nails and staples are accepted readily. It takes stain and paint well.

Janka Rating: Red Mahogany has a Janka rating of 2697.

Species Characteristics: Red Mahogany dries very well with very few problems in the process. It is also resistant to termite attack.

Appearance: The heartwood is a dark red, while the sapwood is cream colored. Texturing on this wood is open and rough, with interlocking grain and almost rippled appearance.

Color Change: Red Mahogany shows no significant color change from oxidization or exposure to sunlight.

Uses: This wood is used in shipbuilding, heavy construction, furniture, and plywood, in addition to hardwood flooring.

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