Pradoo Hardwood Flooring

Pradoo Hardwood Flooring

Common Name(s): Pradoo

Botanical Name: Pterocarpus macrocarpus

Woodworking Qualities: Sawing and nailing can be difficult to accomplish with Pradoo, making pre-boring a good idea. It does, however, sand quite well.

Janka Rating: This wood species lays claim to a Janka rating of 2170, falling in the middle range of hardness for all wood flooring species.

Species Characteristics: The drying process is simple with Pradoo, leaving little possibility for damage. Pradoo is also rumored to have a spice-like scent, and is very resistant to termite attack.

Appearance: The sapwood of Pradoo is gray-white, while the heartwood is yellowish-red to golden brown. Pradoo’s has a high natural luster.

Color Change: Over time, the wood will color into a copper red.

Uses: Pradoo is popular in specialty furniture and flooring.

Pradoo Origin:

Southeast Asia

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