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Limited Flooring Manufacturers Warranty Program

INSTALLATION CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE of flooring material, subfloor/substrate, the jobsite itself including the ambient temperature and relative humidity at the time of installation, and all impacting variables that may affect a wood floor. It is the responsibility of both the installer and owner to inspect and approve each piece of flooring prior to installation. IF THE FLOORING AS SUPPLIED WILL NOT SATISFY THE CUSTOMER IN FULL, DO NOT PROCEED TO INSTALL. The decision not to proceed should be made within the first 10% or 100 square feet of flooring opened, whichever is less. Industry standards allow a variance from grading and manufacturing tolerances of 5%. For hold harmless agreements check with legal counsel. (refer to NWFA, Ch 1, Part 1, C.).

Here at we are often asked: “Do I still get a warranty on my flooring if I purchase from or another online flooring company?” Although we cannot speak for other online companies we can assure you that all of our flooring comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. If a manufacturer does not honor warranties with online sales then we will not carry that particular manufacturer’s products.’s Manufacturer’s Warranty Program guarantees that all purchases come with a manufacturer’s warranty. While there is a lot of unfortunate and misleading information regarding manufacturer warranties on internet flooring purchases; is committed to providing our customers with clear and concise warranties from the top manufacturers in the industry on all of our products. If someone tells you that you won’t get a warranty if you purchase your flooring online ask them “why?”

Ask Yourself

  • What is the real reason a manufacturer will not honor a warranty from an online flooring store. Overpriced?
  • Would you buy from a manufacturer that won’t back their product because of where you purchased it from?
  • Should the manufacturer be allowed to dictate where the consumer purchases their product?
  • Do I get a full warranty from Best Buy when I buy a flat screen TV online? Yes. Why wouldn’t I get one with my floor then?

Our goal is to assuage your fears and earn your complete satisfaction and Peace of Mind through your shopping experience. Don't hesitate to call and we will address your individual concerns immediately.