Karri Hardwood Flooring

Karri Hardwood Flooring

Common Name(s): Karri

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus diversicolor

Woodworking Qualities: Sanding and working with edged tools can be a problem with this wood, as it has the tendency to dull. Once sanded, however, it has a good quality polish. Pre-boring is required for nailing, although glue holds well on Karri.

Janka Rating: Karri’s Janka rating is 2030, surpassing many hardwoods in hardness rating.

Species Characteristics: Karri has a natural resistance to decay, but tends toe move with exposure to moisture and temperature shift. It is important to choose a stable climate to install it in.

Appearance: Karri’s sapwood is whitish, while the heartwood is pink or light red-brown.

Color Change: Karri displays no significant change in color from the effects of oxidation and exposure to sunlight.

Uses: Flooring, framing, shipbuilding, and plywood are Karri’s main applied uses.

Karri Origin:

Western Australia and Africa.

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