Common Name(s): Jarrah

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus marginata

Woodworking Qualities: Working with both hand tools and power tools can be a problem because of the density of Jarrah as well as its irregular grain patterns. It holds nails well, but care must be taken when sanding.

Janka Rating: Jarrah’s Janka rating is 1910, ranging roughly middle between the many species of hardwood flooring.

Species Characteristics: Jarrah is a remarkably dense wood, with high resistance to insects.

Appearance: Pale sapwood contrasts often pink heartwood, more often ranging into reds and dark reds. Black streaks are frequent.

Color Change: Darkening occurs with exposure to oxygen and sunlight, turning a rich red-brown color even moreso.

Uses: Jarrah is mainly used in hardwood flooring, although it has applications in railroad tracks as well.

Jarrah Origin:

Jarrah is one of the few commercially facilitated species out of Western Australia.