Brushbox Hardwood Flooring

Brushbox Hardwood Flooring

Common Name(s): Brushbox

Botanical Name: Lophostemon confertus

Woodworking Qualities: Both sawing and nailing can prove to be difficult with this species. Pre-boring is recommended when nailing.

Janka Rating: Brushbox’s Janka rating is 2135.

Species Characteristics: Termite and decay resistance are a part of this wood’s natural make up. Drying the wood takes time, as there have been reports of warping and damage if the process is hurried.

Appearance: The sapwood of Brushbox is pale grey-brown, while the heartwood can have reddish or pink tones to its brown. It also has a naturally glossy appearance.

Color Change: Brushbox exhibits a color change over time, reddening with exposure to sunlight.

Uses: Flooring, construction, and shipbuilding are all primary uses for Brushbox.

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