Bocote Hardwood Flooring

Bocote Hardwood Flooring

Common Name(s): Bocote

Botanical Name: Cordia gerascanthus

Woodworking Qualities: Bocote’s woodworking characteristics are favorable, displaying a good acceptance to both hand and power-tool working. Sanding, finishing, and staining are all made easy by the wood’s ready conformation to these options.

Janka Rating: Bocote matches Santos Mahogany at 2200 Janka.

Species Characteristics: Bocote resists insect attack considerably. It is dense and hard, comparable to other hardwood known for those attributes.

Appearance: Ranging from light to golden brown in the heartwood, Bocote has a unique appearance that makes it desirable. Black streaks also decorate the wood, giving it a varying pattern. Sapwood can vary from gray to yellow.

Color Change: Bocote undergoes a slight muting of its colors after installation.

Uses: Furniture, decorative veneers, boat decking, fine cabinetry, and interior trim, just to name a few, are all popular uses for Bocote, in addition flooring.

Bocote Origin:

Tropical America including the "West Indies".

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