angelim pedrea flooring

Common Name(s): Angelim Pedra

Botanical Name: Hymenolobium petraeum

Woodworking Qualities: This wood has good machining qualities, as well as a proficiency in being sanded and worked with tools.

Janka Rating: Angelim Pedra’s Janka rating is 3040, making it an exceptional choice for flooring.

Species Characteristics: Angelim Pedra’s moderate density gives it a good structural stability. Shrinking is not usually a problem, although it does occur in minor degrees. The heartwood displays an aversion to fungi and insects that is excellent.

Appearance: Angelim Pedra’s coloring is described as light yellow brown, while the sapwood is a paler brown. The criss-cross grain can be attractive to many people who enjoy an unusual, exotic look.

Color Change: This wood usually undergoes no color changes.

Uses: Typical home construction and development uses are the abundant uses for Angelim, such as flooring, stairs, windows, decking, cabinetry, and furniture.

Angelim Pedra Origin:

This wood is native to Brazil.

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