Common Name(s): Afzelia, Doussie

Botanical Name: Afzelia africana

Woodworking Qualities: Working Doussie is made relatively easy by its natural composition. This species is sanded well, and accepts stains and finishes satisfactorily, due to yellow pockets in the wood.

Janka Rating: Doussie’s Janka rating is 1810, comparable to hard Maple.

Species Characteristics: Doussie is hard and durable, and resists termites.

Appearance: The sapwood of Doussie is pale yellow to white. The heartwood is light brown to reddish brown. Graining is straight and often interlocked, and the texture is coarse. A light luster also is evident.

Color Change: Afzelia will darken with time from a relatively orange color to a darker color, similar to mahogany.

Uses: Uses for this hard, fine exotic include many in-home applications, such as flooring, banisters and rails, construction, furniture, and decking.

Afzelia, Doussie Origin:

Africa supplies all of the Doussie available today.