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To our valued prospective customer,

Over the years, shopping has drastically changed course, with more and more retail transactions taking place via the internet. While you may assume we have a biased opinion regarding ecommerce considering our profession, we would like to share with you just a few reasons why making your flooring purchase online is the advantageous route to your finished project. Since you are here reading this letter, you must have turned to the internet for your initial research phase. It is only logical that you would then use the knowledge you have obtained online by shopping online. The alternative is to then begin the research process all over again at the more traditional, yet limited, brick and mortar stores. Perhaps purchasing flooring online is merely a mental block, as many people are willing to shop for other goods from online retailers.

Typically, the number one reason I hear for why consumers do not shop online is that they would prefer to see and/or touch the product before making a commitment. I respect and understand this concern, and so I encourage you to order a sample, which we will gladly ship out the same day. This $10 investment can save you bundles in the long-run and give you the peace of mind needed to complete your purchase online. If you so desire, give us a call and we can supply you with a few to compare.

Another concern that I often come across is the misunderstanding that products ordered online are some how different or inferior to the products purchased in-store. In fact, this could not be farther from the truth, as our products are supplied from the exact same manufacturers and are often shipped directly from the source.

The final concern usually surrounds the notion of installation. We hold the satisfaction of our customers to the highest regard, which is precisely why our sales reps are available and eager to locate an installer on your behalf. We will personally guarantee that you will not find an in-store representative that is more helpful than those we have here at Our goal is not to profit off your installation, but to save you money on your total project.

If you still have concerns, take a brief moment to look over our testimonials where you will find that employees of our competitors even turn to for their flooring needs.

Our staff is always here to help you along the way, so feel free to take your project one step at a time, or even one room at a time. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and your home.

Sincerely Yours, Staff